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WebText Reader

WebText Reader

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Category: Magnification Software
Type: Windows
Product Number: WTR-SUL
Manufacturer: Look Media
Price: $ 149.00
Shipping: $ 0.00
Sub-total $ 149.00 USD

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Speech Output: Yes

Invert Colors: Yes

Edge Smoothing: Yes

High Magnification:

Low Magnification:

Color Substitution:

Horizontal View:

Vertical View:

Full View:

Split View:

Lens View:

Adjustable Zoom Window:

Pointer Size Control:

Braille Output:

Network Capable: Yes

Software Version:


product picture WebText Reader is the fastest and easiest way for those with visual impairment or reading difficulties to access vital information on the Internet. With just a few keystrokes you can have the latest news, weather, sports, stock quotes, television listings and telephone listings read to you instantly. You don't need a computer science degree or even need to know what a web page is to enjoy the benefits of WebText Reader. WebText Reader is a simple, yet powerful program that will give you instant access to the vital information you want from the Internet.